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Collecting Books

scholenEvery year many schools collect books for Read to Grow around UNESCO's World Book Day. These are mainly Dutch and European International Schools. There are also a number of Dutch secondary schools that collect books for us. There are also some thirty primary schools active for Read to Grow in Scotland.

Do you also want to collect books for Read to Grow in your school?

You can! Here is how the World Book Day Action works.

How can your school collect books?

The course of action.

First contact Read to Grow if you want to participate in the World Book Day Action.

Each year, participating schools will start the World Book Day Action in February. Read to Grow will make a contact with your school and sends information and posters in March, which your school can use to make the action known among the students. From mid-April to the end of April, students can donate books to your collection at school. The book collection is around the 23th of April on World Book Day. In May/June the transport of books from your school to the Read to Grow storage in The Netherlands will be arranged within a circle of 300 to 400 kilometers from our storage (when there are several addresses I the area or there is a good number of books). But a minimum of 100 books should be collected. For international schools outside this circle we hope the school can find a sponsor of transport to our storage. Before the end of each year it will be clear which school collected the highest average of books and won the World Book Day Award. The World Book Day Award will be handed over in the new school year.


Read to Grow considers it of high importance that the books that we donate to our receivers are useful and of good quality. We always ask schools and students only to donate books that they themselves would like to receive.

The requirements for books:


Are you interested to join the World Book Day Action with your school?