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World Book Day

scholenThe World Book Day was proclaimed by UNESCO as a day for world attention to the reading of books, but also to the literacy problem in areas where it is not so obvious that everyone has access to good books. This day is annually held on April 23th. In cooperation with UNESCO Center of the Netherlands and the UNESCO headquarters in Paris Read to Grow is allowed to use the World Book Day as the date for the collection of books.

Annually, the students of primary schools in Scotland and dozens of international and secondary schools in the Netherlands collect many books during the World Book Day Action, which is held each year around the World Book Day.

Read to Grow receives the largest portion of its books through this action.

Each year there is also a price, known as World Book Day Award that is presented to the school with the most collected books per student.

Dutch Minister of Overseas Development, Mrs. Agnes van Ardenne hands over the World Book Day Award of 2005 to the AISR of Rotterdam.