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In Europe we take it for granted that books are available to us. We read books for our education, to obtain information and for entertainment. Therefore we have many opportunities to develop ourselves. For most people in developing countries, access to books is not a matter of course. To give these people a chance to develop their potential, we donate books to small-scale projects in developing areas. Read to Grow works with over 225 partner organizations in 64 developing countries.

Read to Grow saves 150.000 m2 forest.

books eco projectBesides Read to Grow's success in developing countries, Read to Grow contributes also to a better environment. Read to Grow has investigated how many trees were saved with the recycling of 500.000 books. The number of books equals 1500 trees or 150.000 m2 forest.

Participate with your School

books developing countriesRead to Grow's success is partly due the enthousiastic participation of many schools. The largest part of Read to Grow's books are being collected by schools. These are mainly Dutch and European International Schools. The schools hold a collective action around UNESCO's World Book Day on April 23th. The school which collects the highest average number of books per student wins the annual World Book Day Award. Do you want to participate? Read More >>

Attention: Our books are running out. We are looking for additional ambassadors for the collection of English, French and Spanish children's books.

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